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FEATURED: Renault Captur

Captur featured image

Built on the same platform as the Duster, this new crossover from Renault will feature the brand’s new design language for the first time in India.

The car offers a space for five while also being premium enough to be positioned above the Duster.


Captur front

The Captur is more curvy looking and features flared wheel arches stepping away from the traditional lines we’ve seen from Renault in the past. The roof rises to make it look more like a coupe. The headlamps and the front grille combine to give the car a happy and dynamic look. The C shaped fog lamps add to an already appealing design.

Renault Captur rear

Moving to the rear, the top spec version comes with LED tail lamps which look sharp. However, it does remind you a bit of where it came from which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Captur side

Top spec version of the car brings with it some extra goodies in the form of C shaped DRLs, full LED head lamps and 17 inch diamond cut alloys.

Captur tunnel front profile


Captur interior


The white gold interior of the Captur looks premium and the AC vents getting a chrome finish just adds to the theme of the car. A centrally mounted 7 inch display features smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, GPS navigation and voice command.

Added features include an electrically adjustable driver seat and leather upholstery.

Captur interior dash

Renault has also included automatic climate control as standard. The Captur also features electrically folding ORVMs, audio controls on the steering wheel and cruise control.

Captur boot space


The boot space is big enough to fit your luggage for a long holiday. ISOFIX standard fittings for child seats and the rear parking sensors also make the features list.

Performance, Safety & Mileage

Captur dynamic performance

Coming down to the most important thing in a car after its price, the Captur seems to be identical to the Duster as it offers the same 1500 cc Petrol engine which produces 108 bhp of power and 142 Nm of torque.

Captur under the skin engine

As with the Petrol engine, the 1500 cc diesel motor is also identical to the Duster and delivers 109 bhp and 240 Nm of torque which is sufficient enough for a drive over the Himalayas.

The diesel engine is claimed to return a mileage of 20.37 kmpl with the petrol manual variant managing 13.87 kmpl.

Captur stitched gear knob

The diesel engine is mated to a six speed manual gearbox while the petrol engine is mated to a five speed manual while also being offered with an optional automatic (CVT) transmission. The diesel powered Captur will be sticking to the manual gearbox.

Captur dual airbags safety

The car offers ABS, EBD and electronic stability control when it comes to safety. Dual airbags are included as standard across the range. Brake assist and hill start assist are also available making the Renault Captur very safe and also easy to manage when on the road.


Captur beach front

Starting from Rs. 10 Lakhs(ex showroom DELHI) for the base RXE Petrol variant the price of the Captur goes upto Rs. 14.06 Lakhs for the top spec Platine Diesel.

RXE Petrol Rs. 10 Lakhs

RXL Petrol Rs. 11.11 Lakhs

RXE Diesel Rs. 11.40 Lakhs

RXT Petrol Rs. 11.87 Lakhs

RXL Diesel Rs. 12.51 Lakhs

RXT Diesel Rs. 13.27 Lakhs

Platine Diesel Rs. 14.06 Lakhs

TOP 7 Hatchbacks in India 2017

Top 7 Hatchbacks

The practical size of a hatchback combined with high performance, safety features and enough ground clearance to get over most potholes make it the most loved car segment in India. Today we will be counting down the sensible 7 in this highly competitive and ever changing segment.

1. Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Baleno on the road

Dubbed by Maruti Suzuki as “the dynamic and energetic hatchback” the Baleno is powered by a 1197 cc petrol engine producing 81.9 bhp @6000 rpm. The car also comes with a diesel which packs 1248 cc delivering 73 bhp @4000 rpm.

Especially attractive for us Indians: Maruti claims the petrol variant to give 21.4 kmpl of fuel efficiency while the diesel claims an almost 28 kmpl. Knowing Maruti Suzuki’s past record when it comes to mileage, the car won’t be making your wallet lighter anytime soon.

Baleno Tail View

The Baleno is available in 4 variants: Sigma(base), Delta, Zeta and Alpha for the petrol and diesel avatars. Unfortunately, the automatic (CVT) gearbox can only be had with the petrol engine.

Baleno Front

Safety features such as ABS, EBD and Dual Airbags come as standard throughout the range. The price varies from 5.26 to 8.34 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI).There is also a special hot hatch variant available known as the Baleno RS which comes with a 998 cc petrol engine delivering a whopping 100 bhp and can be yours for 8.38 lakhs.

All in all the Baleno is a true value for money hatchback which will keep your family safe, your inner driver content and your savings in your pocket. It truly is the jack of all trades.

2. Hyundai Elite i20

elite i20

The Hyundai i20 was one of the most successful hatchbacks in India when it had launched. With its unique design and reliable engineering the i20 was a bonafide hit. The successor to this car is the Elite i20. Launched in August of 2014 the car has managed to keep its place amongst the best hatchbacks throughout the years. The Elite i20 was also the Indian Car of the Year(ICOTY)-2014.

2017 elite i20 polar white

The car comes with a 1200 cc petrol engine which delivers 81.83 bhp @6000 rpm while the 1400 cc diesel engine delivers 89 bhp @4000 rpm. The petrol engine comes with a five speed manual gearbox while the diesel engine has been mated to a six speed manual transmission. The claimed fuel efficiency figures for the petrol and diesel versions are 18.6 kmpl and 22.54 kmpl respectively.

elite i20 red

There are five levels of trim to choose from: Era, Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta(O). The price varies from 5.29-9.15 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI) depending on the engine and variant you choose. Although dual airbags come as standard throughout the range, ABS and EBD are available only on the slightly more expensive variants.

A four speed automatic gearbox is also available with the 1400 cc petrol engine but it is also the most expensive option.

elite i20 dash

elite i20 interior

The Elite i20 is also expected to receive a facelift which Hyundai will be unveiling at the upcoming Auto Expo in February 2018.

In essence, the Elite i20 manages to check all the right boxes and is also a highly preferred car by young and matured buyers alike. The car is fun to drive, easy to maintain and comes with bulletproof reliability.

3. Maruti Suzuki Swift

swift red front

Launched by Maruti Suzuki way back in May 2005, the Swift is the original hatchback that revolutionized the Indian car market like no other car before it. All of us have grown to love and respect this peppy little hatch by Maruti.

While it currently suffers from the lack of a serious update, an all new Swift is expected to be launched in February of 2018.

new swift 2017

In its current form, the Swift is powered by a 1197 cc petrol engine and a 1248 cc diesel motor. The petrol engine churns out 83.11 bhp @6000 rpm while the diesel puts out 74 bhp @4000 rpm. Both the engines come mated to a five speed manual transmission. The swift is priced between 4.54 – 7.46 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI).

swift rear

Although the diesel engine might seem like it lacks the proper punch, the car never feels under powered on the road. The petrol variant achieves a mileage of 20.4 kmpl compared to the diesel’s 25.2 kmpl.

swift limited edition

Maruti Suzuki has also recently launched a limited edition model of the Swift which gives it some interesting graphic decals and other accessories such as an extra set of speakers, new floor mats, steering wheel cover, dual tone seat covers, rear parking camera and a touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is priced at 5.92 lakhs and 6.97 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI) for petrol and diesel variants respectively.

swift 2017 white

In the end the Swift is a legendary icon which jump started the whole hatchback segment but at the same time it would be much better to see the upcoming and thoroughly revised version of the car which is expected to be more competitive with the recent batch of hatchbacks.

4. Ford Figo


The Ford Figo was launched back in 2010. The first generation Figo was skeptically received by the Indian market. In recent years, Ford has drastically revamped their whole lineup which has also benefited the Figo.

figo interior

The second generation Ford Figo which has been available since 2015 wrote an entirely different story for the company. Well received by the average Indian consumer, the Figo has been a highly successful in its own right.

Figo headlamps

The Figo is available in two petrol engines, the 1200 cc variant which makes 87 bhp @6300 rpm and the more powerful 1500 cc motor which gives out an impressive 110.4 bhp @6300 rpm. However, the latter is only available in the top end spec with Six Speed Automatic transmission. Claimed fuel efficiency figures for the 1200 cc motor is 18.16 kmpl and for the 1500 cc is 17 kmpl.

figo interior steering wheel

figo sports

1500 cc diesel engine which maxes out at 99 bhp @3750 rpm while giving you 25.83 kmpl is also offered. There is a plethora of variants to choose from when it comes to this car which is always a good thing. The price varies from 4.8 to 7.8 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI). A special sports edition is available which comes with a slightly higher performance, blacked out rims and a meaner look.

ford figo r15 alloys

In this second coming, the Figo stands as a testament to what Ford is capable of doing and also why people around the globe love the brand and the cars that come from it. The Figo is a solid choice and is very competitively priced when you consider the features it has to offer. Ford has finally made a hatchback for the Indian market which successfully reflects the qualities of the badge it wears.

5. Renault Kwid

KWID front

Launched in 2015, this entry level French offering has been very successful and has been instrumental in planting Renault’s foothold in India. Interestingly, the car is expected to go electric by the year 2022.


The Renault Kwid offers two three-cylinder petrol engines – an 800 cc and a 1000 cc. The more powerful 1000 cc engine can be had with a 5 speed manual or an automated transmission while the 800 cc only gets the 5 speed manual. The smaller engine produces 53.2 bhp @5600 rpm while the more powerful 1000 cc motor produces 67 bhp @5500 rpm. The smaller engine returns a mileage of 25.17 kmpl while the 1000 cc engine manages 23.01 kmpl. The Renault Kwid AMT gives a mileage of 24.04 kmpl.

KWID climber

The 800 cc Kwid is available in five variants – STD, RXE, RXL, RXT and RXT(O) while the 1000 cc version is also available in RXL, RXT and RXT(O) and also in the special Climber  KWID 02and 02 Anniversary Edition. Both of which are cosmetically enhanced versions of the standard vehicle.

The Renault Kwid also comes packed with first in class features such as a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, digital speedometer and a dual tone interior.

KWID interior

When it comes to safety the Renault Kwid comes with an optional driver’s side airbag, central locking and a host of other standard safety features. Renault also gives the consumer an option to customize the car with decals, seat covers and more.

KWID side view

Priced between 2.62 lakhs to 4.55 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI) the Kwid is the bargain of the century and is well equipped to keep its strong position in the Indian market. It is a decent car with a good design and a list of features which make the car extremely attractive.

6. Volkswagen Polo

Polo Front and Center


The German automaker released this hatchback back in 2010 with a three-cylinder engine. A lot has changed for this car since then and the car is expected to get a full revamp in 2018 making the VW Polo 2018 the sixth generation Polo. Prices for the new Polo are expected to around  6.00 lakhs (estimated ex showroom) for the base version and around 8.50 lakhs (estimated ex showroom)  for the top model.

Polo GTI 2018

Coming back to the current generation Polo, the car has seen a much required addition of a fourth cylinder to the engine making the earlier 1200 cc three-cylinder diesel engine a 1500 cc four-cylinder powerhouse.

Polo White Current

The VW Polo is available in a multitude of trims and differently tuned engines with the 1500 cc diesel returning a mileage of 20.14 kmpl. The same engine in the GT series is a bit more fuel efficient, returning 21.49 kmpl. The 1200 cc petrol engine gives a fuel efficiency 16.47 kmpl. The Polo GT TSI offers a mileage of 17.21 kmpl.

Polo Interior

A wide variety of differently tuned engines equals different performance figures which make the car the flexible enough to suit each and everyone’s needs. The normal 1200 cc petrol engine has a maximum power output of 74 bhp @5400 rpm while the 1500 cc petrol engine in the GT TSI produces 103.5 bhp @5000 rpm. Similarly the normal 1500 cc diesel engine produces 88.7 bhp @4000 rpm while the one in the GT TDI produces 108.5 bhp @4400 rpm.


The VW Polo is definitely a true German hatchback with a reliable build quality, differently tuned engines and high performance but you do have to pay a premium for all of the goodies the car has to offer. The Polo costs between 5.42 – 9.56 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI). 


If you are willing to cough up a lot more money for performance VW also offer the extreme Polo GTI which has 1798 cc petrol  engine with 190 horses waiting to be unleashed. The price for the GTI is 20.69 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI). 

Polo Front and Rear

While the Polo is somewhat on the more expensive side on this list, the car truly makes up for it with its range of different engine options, reliable German engineering and performance which will make any car enthusiast happy whenever they step on the gas.

7. Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10 Front

Hyundai launched the refreshed Grand i10 in February this year with major updates one of which was the new diesel engine with 1200 cc compared to the earlier 1100 cc. Post GST the prices for the new Grand i10 dropped by around Rs. 2000. 

Grand i10

The car now costs between 4.56 – 7.31 lakhs (ex showroom DELHI). The diesel powered engine claims to return a mileage of 24.4 kmpl while the petrol Grand i10 manages 19.77 kmpl.

Grand i10 Rear

Coming with 12 variants (24, taking into account the metallic and solid color options) the car is available with diesel and petrol engines. The new diesel engine now produces 74 bhp @4000 rpm while the petrol engine still does away with 82 bhp @6000 rpm. Also, the diesel engine is mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox while the petrol can be had with either a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic on the more expensive variants.

Grand i10 RED

The 2017 Hyundai Grand i10 has received a slew of updates some of which include a rear parking sensor, a 7 inch infotainment system which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Mirror Link, voice recognition and smartphone navigation. The automatic Climate is also a new feature added to the list in the Asta trim.

Grand i10 interior

The exterior has also been changed to incorporate LED DRLs and new 14 inch alloys in the Sportz (O) and the Asta variants. Thankfully, restyled front and rear bumpers come as standard. Impact sensing auto door unlock is a great safety feature which has been brought to the car and is available in the Magna variant and onwards.

Grand i10 Infotainment System

The 2017 Hyundai Grand i10 was already a fairly popular hatchback which now with its brand new updates aims to capture even more consumers. However, the car still feels a bit under powered to drive especially on the highways and on longer runs. But if that does not affect your decision, the car makes a really good case for itself.














21.4 KM/L

28 KM/L

81.9 BHP

73 BHP

5.26 TO 8.38 LAKHS


18.6 KM/L

22.54 KM/L

81.8 BHP

89 BHP

5.29 TO 9.15 LAKHS


20.4 KM/L

25.2 KM/L

83.1 BHP

74 BHP

4.54 TO 7.46 LAKHS


17 OR 18.6 KM/L

25.8 KM/L

87 OR 110 BHP

99 BHP

4.8 TO 7.8 LAKHS


23 TO 25.17 KM/L


53.2 OR 67 BHP


2.62 TO 4.55 LAKHS


16.47 OR 17.21 KM/L

20.14 OR 21.49 KM/L

74 BHP OR 103.5 BHP

88.7 BHP OR 108.5 BHP

5.42 TO 9.56 LAKHS


19.77 KM/L

24.4 KM/L

82 BHP

74 BHP

4.56 TO 7.31 LAKHS