Hyundai Verna VS Honda City VS Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

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These three C segment sedans have been the most popular cars in the segment and are widely recognized as the best by the Indian market. Selling in large numbers each month, the trio has maintained its spot on the top. Today we pit them against each other and find out which one is the definitive king of premium sedans.

Performance & Mileage

Coming straight down to which one’s the fastest in a straight line isn’t going to be enough. We are looking for the perfect compromise between power, speed and comfort.


Fuel Type







121 bhp

151 Nm


17.4 kmpl



126 bhp

260 Nm


24.8 kmpl



117 bhp

145 Nm


17.4 kmpl



99 bhp

200 Nm


25.6 kmpl



91.1 bhp

130 Nm


20.73 kmpl



88.5 bhp

200 Nm


28.09 kmpl

Honda City 2017 Sedans ComparisonThe Verna is the most powerful among the lot with its 1.6 litre petrol and diesel engine lineup. The Honda City takes the next place with the Ciaz coming in last. When talking about power, the way it gets delivered is also a matter of great importance. The Verna pushes you into the seats around its peak torque band while in the City the power is delivered in a linear fashion throughout the rev range.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Sedans ComparisonWith its smart hybrid technology the Ciaz makes up for the lack in power with higher fuel efficiency while the Verna and Honda City score somewhat similar where mileage is concerned. The Ciaz does miss out on Cruise Control which is offered in both the Honda City and Verna.

Hyundai Verna Engine Sedans ComparisonThe City and Maruti’s Ciaz are splendid to drive on their own but the Verna just hits all the sweet spots for me as it gives you that feeling of rush when you drive it and seems to be a shining example of a driver’s car in that perspective. It also doesn’t feel too hard to handle and has become more nimble than before after getting the improved suspension.

Features & Creature Comforts

Sedans InteriorAll of these cars come with a long feature list with each of them being on par with each other while also providing a couple of unique things which set them apart. Our main focus is on these and how they may swing your decision towards either one of them.

Honda City

Honda CIty 2017 Interior Sedans ComparisonThe City comes with something Honda likes to call a Digipad, its basically a 7 inch touchscreen audio and navigation system which uses MirrorLink for smartphone integration. While this may not seem revolutionary, it works seamlessly and offers the best smartphone experience a car has to offer.

Honda City Interior Digipad Sedans ComparisonThe City has another trick up its sleeve. It is WiFi enabled and its the only one here who does. Huge props to Honda for making this option available. Just make sure not to use it while you drive. It is also the only car in the segment to feature a HDMI port.

The Digipad in itself is quite like a smartphone with an OS based on Android and offers around 3.6 GB of usable internal storage

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Touchscreen Sedans ComparisonWhile it may not have WiFi, the Digipad or a HDMI port, the Verna does get a USB port and an aux input (something missing on the City) and a 7 inch infotainment display. The system comes with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and GPS navigation.

The biggest selling point of the Verna is the front two seats which are ventilated and is a first in class feature

Hyundai Verna Ventilated Seats Sedans ComparisonThe Verna also gets a cooled glove box, something which both of the other cars do not offer. Another element which was earlier missing from the Verna was a sunroof which it now gets just like the Honda City.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Interior Sedans ComparisonThe Ciaz in it’s current form is much more simple than the other two. It offers a touchscreen infotainment system which has been borrowed from the Baleno and placed in the centre. The unit does offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with a clean layout.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Full Interior Sedans ComparisonThe Ciaz does not have much to offer and remains minimalist in that sense. However, it is due for a midlife upgrade in this February and we expect the face lift to get an updated system with other upgrades on the inside.


Honda City 2017 Interior Steering Wheel Sedans ComparisonEven with the Verna offering ventilated seats, the Honda City does take the cake on this one. It simply has the best cabin with features such as the screen and WiFi future proofing the car. As for the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, the all beige cabin does look beautiful and airy but sadly it does not feel anywhere as near to that of the Hyundai Verna or the City.

Exterior Design

Sedans ExteriorThe Verna and Honda City look to compete here as well with the Ciaz reportedly not offering much of a change with its face lift. The other two definitely look much more premium and possess a more executive style with an aerodynamic design.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Exterior Sedans ComparisonThat’s not to say that the Ciaz isn’t a looker. The car is smart and has a modern design on its own but pales in comparison to the major design updates the City and Hyundai Verna have received in 2017.

Hyundai Verna Exterior Sedans ComparisonHyundai have gone for a more rounded design with the new Verna when compared to its fluidic predecessor. The car now features smooth curves with projector headlamps, DRLs and a bigger hexagonal grille. The rear has also been heavily revised with newer LED tail lamps being bigger and wrapping around the boot ever so nicely.

Honda City Exterior Sedans ComparisonHonda on the other hand have made the City look more aggressive and sharper than ever. It features LED head and tail lamps along with a floating grille which houses the company’s iconic badge. Moving to the rear, the design pretty much remains the same with a few subtle changes which include wider tail lamps.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Sedans ComparisonWith its long bonnet, sloping roofline and stretched out head lamps the Ciaz does look aggressive at the front. But the problem seems to be that while the front does look appealing, that is where most of the thought has gone into. The sides look pretty typical for a sedan while the rear is similar to that of the Honda City.

Dimensions & Specifications


Ground Clearance


Fuel Capacity


165 mm

465 litres

45 litres


165 mm

510 litres

40 litres


170 mm

510 litres

43 litres

The Ciaz offers the greatest amount of ground clearance at 170 mm which is always a good news specially on Indian B roads. The Verna does come short when it comes to boot space offering only 465 litres compared to the Honda City’s and Ciaz’s 510 litres.

Honda City 2017 Bootspace Sedans ComparisonThe City comes with the smallest fuel tank while the Ciaz offers more but its the Verna which can carry the most amount of fuel at 45 litres of capacity.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Bootspace Sedans ComparisonThe Verna and City both offer a wheelbase of 2600 mm while the Ciaz edges ahead with a 50 mm extra. This translates into the Ciaz offering the biggest rear legroom among the three. The City comes in second with the Verna makes one feel a bit cramped in the back seats.

 The Prices



Hyundai Verna

7.8-12.88 Lakhs

Honda City

8.72-13.82 Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

7.83-11.62 Lakhs

Hyundai has recently brought back the 1.4 litre petrol Verna which is cheaper than the 1.6 litre. But the Ciaz is the best value for money sedan. The Honda City is the most expensive of the lot at the starting price of 8.72 lakhs.

The Wind Up

All of these three have their appeal on their own with the Ciaz offering more space in the cabin than the other two while the City has the most futuristic cabin and also extends some really new and exciting features on the inside. The Verna also provides the user with some first in class features but the list falls short inside the cabin when compared to the Honda City.

Hyundai Verna Front Exterior Sedans ComparisonHowever, it is the Verna which feels the most exciting to drive and that has always been the top priority for Hyundai. In the end, a car which feels the best behind the wheel is the best in any comparison. This is just a personal choice. Many of you are bound to go for the City due to it being a feature packed package while many others might fancy the Ciaz.

today its the Verna which takes the crown to become the true king of sedans





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